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The goal of the New East Association's capacity-building project 2.0 is to strengthen the organization's development by introducing quality management and M&E approach to daily work, conducting research on the organization's target audience, and differentiating the organization's revenue by developing the association's business.

Planned activities and their results:

A1. Survey of the opinions of consumers and participants of the New East culture and education program about the image of the organization, the content of the programs, organizational capacity, communication, and, topicality. The aim of the research (survey) is to identify the organization's contribution to society, receive feedback on the programs, and explore the desire of the audience to become New East participants/members/volunteers.

A2. Strengthen the development of the organization by implementing quality management and M&E approach in daily work, which would help to ensure transparency of the organization's processes and decision-making, easier traceability, process efficiency, and more convenient transfer and transfer of processes to new members, board members and employees.

A3. Expansion of business services to diversify the organization's budget.

A4. Public information and communication. Our goal is to improve the long-term visibility and influence of the New East in the region, which promotes the activation of NGOs, the growth of active citizens, and active participation in the development of a culture of democracy in Latvia.

This program will contribute to promoting New East's capacity, financial sustainability, visibility, and local cooperation in the short and long term.

The total funding of the project is EUR 14 190.14 and it is fully financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants under the Active Citizens Fund programme. The project runs from July 2022 to June 2023. 


Jorens Dobkevics > Project Manager 

Alina Hačetlova > Project Coordinator



In-depth research of the organization's audience to develop the highest quality cultural and educational content in the future and the long term, to improve the organization's potential, visibility, and impact, and to better engage the target audience in our various events in Latvia, abroad and online. 

We need to monitor the New East audience, the results of which would help us to move more efficiently towards common goals at the national and international level, taking into account how on average our activities involve more than 1000 participants (young people) per year, mostly from Latvia (Baltic States) but also from 10 other countries we need to create content, services, cultural and artistic products that are understandable and useful for participants in the long term. Until now, our organization did not have a single survey on New East activities for the participants of the different events (only feedback on specific activities). A survey of this audience would help to build our capacity (in the areas of the organization, communication, and content) and will contribute to the development and visibility of the organization in the future. 

New East Audience research 


The management and the new (enlarged) team need to improve their knowledge, institutional capacity, and management and the decisions and ideas of the organization must be implemented openly and transparently, so we define the need to implement qualitative management, and M&E approaches. Our challenge is to take positive examples from our partners in the areas of quality management, and M&E approaches. 

We need to have a focused M&E approach in the day-to-day running of the association to ensure that we are sustainable, that we take care of its existence independently of specific board members and office staff, and that we can effectively move towards common goals at the national and international level. We want to ensure that the internal culture and team mindset of the New East is an outward mindset and underpinned by a growth mindset.

Putting quality management and M&E to work


We aim to increase our operating income and diversify our budget, continue reducing our dependence on grant competitions, and continue our capacity-building program through the implementation of operational activities. 

To contribute to the sustainability of the association and its independence from funding sources, we would like to develop our economic activities by setting up an online shop on our website, New Eastore, so we can start offering our partners not only services but also products with high added value.

Setting up the New Eastore
e-shop. Budget diversification 


Improving the image of the organization, promoting the organization, and communicating with the audience is a program of activities aimed at attracting new members and volunteers to the organization. This activity will help to develop the image of the organization in the media and social networks. It will help to increase the audience, to increase the "bubble''. We need to activate our audiences on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and promote the image of the New East in the region. 

Communication and public awareness

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