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We can do more together

We are very happy to meet new people, new ideas. If you want to be part of the New East team you can leave your contact information in the application form below. 

We are ready to accept volunteers from 15 years old and up, accept online support or offline. You can be of any gender and of any interest, you can offer your own ideas and become not just a volunteer, but a full part of the New East mentoring team. 

Most of the time we need helpers in these areas, so if you're interested, be sure to leave your application here! 

SOCIAL MEDIA STAFF - know everything about TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Creating photo, video and text content for social networks. Writing news, press releases, articles, captions.

PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VIDEO MAKERS. Taking photos and videos during an event, creating media content, working on podcasts, broadcasts and even music videos.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT STAFF - working with sound, lighting, connecting equipment during events.

SUPPORT STAFF - hostesses and assistant curators of public events, stage managers, help in structuring information and materials, information retrieval, help in organizing and implementing programs. 

STAFF OF INCLUSION - knowledge of Latvian, Russian, English, additional knowledge of other languages is a bonus. We often need help in preparing text materials, voice-over of podcasts and programs, as well as assistance with simultaneous translation.

If you're interested in any of these or would simply like to work with us, leave your application, write to us and become part of the team. 

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