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Within the framework of the "New East Capacity Building" program, the Active Citizen Fund supports our activities for the development of the organization - creating a website, rebranding, developing a strategy, educational program, and activities to develop the skills of our team. The Foundation contributed to the institutional development of our organization, the development of networking with partners from Norway, the creation of an educational program, and the involvement of new members of the organization. More information about the progress of the program can be found on our Facebook page.

(existing experience + new members)
new knowledge
long-term investment
New East capacity building

Within the framework of the Active Citizens Fund New East Capacity Building Project, the aim of the association New East is to move to the next step, to develop the organization's activities and administration, and increase the association's human resources. Our goal is to achieve long-term economic growth, attract new members, rebrand activities, and create a New East website to promote the association's cultural, educational, and social projects, as well as for easier administration of projects and events within 17 months. We aim to compile a summary of the experiences and achievements of the association and to develop a strategy and vision for the next five years.

The total funding of the project is EUR 17 987.46 and it is fully financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants under the Active Citizens Fund program. The project runs from July 2021 to November 2022. Partner organization Inter-Cultural Youth Norway.


Jorens Dobkevics > Project Manager 

Alina Hačetlova > Project Coordinator


Objective: to attract 20 new members to the New East

New members recruitment campaign

We aim to recruit 20 new members to our team over the two campaigns. Provide them with information about our projects and experiences, and organize exchanges and networking events for new and existing members.

This is an important activity that aims to involve people with as many different skills, experiences, etc. as possible. By involving new members, we will increase civic participation in the region. Our aim at this stage is to involve (primarily) young people (regardless of their language, ethnic group, experience, social status, etc.).

This action will lead to institutional development as well as create a solid basis for future action. During the campaign, we believe that the role of civil organizations in the region will also be promoted. We believe that we will succeed in raising public awareness of the role and importance of civil society.

During the 17 months, we would like to involve up to 20 new active members who could be involved in the coordination of the organization's projects and programs, the development of economic activities, communication activities, as well as offer their knowledge, skills, and abilities, to develop and use this to achieve the objectives defined in the association's statutes with their collective experience and strength. 


In the fall of 2021, we rebranded and chose a new forum for dialogue with the community. Massive and dynamic letters reflect our name. New East is a new term for a large region of eastern and central Europe, the post-Soviet space, which is in the process of seeking positive change, transformation, and formation. And the flower/ornament/star/dance around the letters adds meaning to our diversity and makes us different, but similar, dynamic, and consistent.

The unified design code helps the image of the Society to be recognized in the region and can reflect our values and goals. The Brandbook helps to facilitate the promotion of Society. 

The activity will have a long-term positive impact on the organization's core business, the achievement of its objectives, and the visibility of the society and will create a new phase in the society's development by incorporating newer design trends.

Rebranding for
positive change


This website during a capacity-building project. The website helps us to keep the public informed about the Society's activities, activities, and projects, coordinate online projects in a unified way, to keep the public informed about New East's activities, new projects, and opportunities to get involved and join our activities, to ensure transparent management of the Society, to provide information about the New East services, etc.

The website is intended to be a representation and communication channel for the project, answering visitors' questions about the objectives, activities, and public benefits of the association. For the project staff, the website will serve as an intranet for coordination and information exchange. 

Objective: Creation of a website in English (available), Latvian and Russian (in development)

Creating our website 

Developing the competencies and skills of our team is our goal, and we also want the civic community to develop around us. Therefore, we create and will continue to develop an educational platform, where lectures and useful resources on marketing, management, design, administrative development, project writing, etc. will be available. A versatile platform that helps us share knowledge, experience, and information, and develop our learn-share-do!

Objective: creating a platform and adding five lectures (in development)

Creating an educational platform


The purchase of equipment will help the organization to develop a new range of services. At the moment we offer the use of our services for the provision or rental of technical equipment. This helps our organization to increase the non-project benefits, and become more stable and independent.

Contribution to long-term development: purchase of equipment

The implementation of this activity will increase the quality, convenience, and speed and reduce the frequent, irrational costs of renting equipment from sources that do not always meet the required standards and needs of our organizations.

Cultural and media products are becoming increasingly competitive, attracting new audiences. The acquisition of equipment will enable the production of new, more sophisticated content of the highest quality.  The lack of technical equipment was a brake on development and limited the realization of potential activities. In the long term, the supply of new equipment accelerates and stabilizes the development of the community.


During the development of the booklet, the founders of the association, together with new members, will be able to prepare a plan and vision for the future development of the organisation. This is a necessary stage for further development of the organisation, identification, correction of mistakes, plans. 

For the last five years, events have been organized in all the Baltic States, the Balkans, Spain, and Turkey. During this time we have implemented more than 50 discussion panels, 30 educational projects, and several cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, workshops, etc.) for more than 4,000 participants.

During this project, we wanted to make a synthesis of the activities of the association to evaluate the results achieved. We plan to produce a newsletter that will include all the projects we organize. This summary (online booklet) will help: to gather information about the achievements of the association, evaluate what has been achieved, analyze good examples of cooperation, to gather formats that have helped to solve local and regional problems. 

Creation of the Organisational Achievement Report


We will soon share with you the finished New East sustainable development strategy, so that you, as our audience and an important part of the organization's life, know everything about our plans. 

New East Strategy

The pandemic and the limitations associated with it turned our team's attention to the internal development and stabilization of the New East. The crisis highlighted very clearly the weaknesses of our internal work processes.
So in 2021, we applied for a grant from the Active Citizens Fund, which focused on the internal development and growth of organizations.

As part of the project, we analyzed internal and external resources, our activities over the past 6 years, and potential opportunities, and at this stage, we are drafting a strategy for a sustainable vector of development for the next 5 years. The strategy includes differentiation of the budget, staff development, creation of personal services and product line, expansion of the team, and the range of experts involved. 



Organizing national and international networks of civil society organizations

Creating collaborative ecosystems is an important part of our work. It is by working closely with partners from all over the world that we create quality educational, media, and cultural programs. 

During the program, we held more than 20 online meetings with partners from Scandinavia, Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, the United States, and the Baltic States. We constantly work with dozens of partners who help us develop and transform ourselves for new education, citizen engagement, and positive change. 


The final event, publicity event, or project summary is an activity for all New East members to showcase the achievements of the association during the AIF project, present a summary of our five years, and plan our work together for the coming years. This activity is also meant as a publicity event, which is necessary to promote our association and also to promote this capacity-building project.

Publicity event: capacity building project summary

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