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Non-state culture as a tool is especially necessary for dialogue with society in the post-Soviet space - for new transformations, rethinking tragic history, acquaintance with new vectors of European development.


The 180-degree turn is always difficult and critical, we believe that cultural programs can help our community to reshape, develop, expand boundaries and democratic thinking through honest dialogue, involvement, pluralism of ideas and opinions.


Culture, as well as many aspects of social life, is polarized and often politicized, there is a noticeable unification of themes in the region - when one grantor supports cultural initiatives, the diversity of opinions, formats and ideas is lost.


We believe that it is the development of non-state culture that is needed, especially now.

New forms of communication are needed, the involvement of young people in the creation of art projects and independent platforms for dialogue, which will help to go through this period of transformations.

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